Ming: I won't be forgotten in Europe

Independent TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan says he is not afraid of being forgotten if he wins a seat in the European election.

The MEP candidate for Midlands Northwest was addressing comments that he could disappear from the political landscape in Ireland if, as expected, he secures a seat in Strasbourg.

"I look forward to proving you wrong on that one," he said.

"People have been saying that, but I will guarantee that not to be the case, but the only way I can guarantee that is that if ye [the media] continue to show interest in what's happening out in the European Union, and ye cover it, and then you'll hear plenty about it."

When asked why he is wearing a full suit, he said: “Well, the first time I ever ran for election, I wore a suit, I wear a suit when I want to wear one, and I don’t wear one when I don’t want to wear one.”

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