Mick Wallace tells tribunal there’s never been a judge who has been been told so many lies

Update 12.44pm Independent TD Mick Wallace has told the Disclosures Tribunal he can’t be 100% sure that Superintendent Dave Taylor told him he sent derogatory texts about Maurice McCabe, but that’s the impression he got.

Supt Taylor has told the Tribunal that he never sent derogatory texts about Maurice McCabe as part of the smear campaign, but that it was done orally.

Maurice McCabe maintains he was told there were derogatory texts.

Deputy Wallace went on to say he believed that there’s never been a judge in the history of the State that’s been told so many lies.

Earlier: RTÉ staff confirm conversation between Philip Boucher Hayes and Martin Callinan

Two RTÉ staff have confirmed to the Disclosures Tribunal that Philip Boucher Hayes told them about a conversation between him and the Garda Commissioner in which Martin Callinan said Maurice McCabe had issues and had done the worst sort of things.

The Tribunal has previously heard that the Commissioner denies making the comments in RTE in December 2013 ahead of a Crime Call interview.

Philip Boucher Hayes at an earlier sitting of tribunal

Both Niamh O’Connor and Tom Donnelly recalled being told in the days and weeks after the event, that Mr. Callinan said derogatory things about Sgt McCabe.

Earlier the head of Garda HR again denied telling Maurice McCabe that briefings given to RTE about the O’Higgins report came from Noirin O’Sullivan’s office.

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