Micheál Martin: Fianna Fáil could lead next Government

Micheál Martin is predicting Fianna Fáil has a strong chance of leading the next Government.

Despite ruling out Coalitions with Fine Gael and Sinn Féin, Deputy Martin said that he does not want to continue in Opposition.

He claims that he has not been hearing criticism of Fianna Fáil's previous record in Government from voters.

Deputy Martin said that he believes he has a realistic chance of being the next Taoiseach.

"Absolutely, because in the last local elections, we were third in the opinion polls, and we ended up first in the actual election," he said.

"First in the election - no one saw it coming. No poll predicted it.

"And as we saw in Britain, where the opinion polls were out, all 11 opinion polls in Britain out by 6.5-7%.

"Now, surely that's a wake-up call for media here and for pollsters here."


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