Michael Lowry: Tribunal rulings won't affect me in Election

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry has said he believes recent court rulings in relation to the Moriarty Tribunal will not affect him on polling day.

Deputy Lowry recently lost a High Challenge over the costs involved in the inquiry. He had appealed a High Court judgment that the Moriarty Tribunal was right to only award him a third of his costs.

However, Mr Justice John Hedigan agreed with the finding that Mr Lowry did not co-operate fully and misled the inquiry.

The legal challenge took over five days, and heard that the overall bill for Deputy Lowry’s contributions to the Moriarty Tribunal amounted to millions of euro and would have “lifelong consequences” for him.

The tribunal spent 14 years looking into his financial affairs and those of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey.

Deputy Lowry insisted he had cooperated.

Speaking on the campaign trail in his constituency of Tipperary, he said people in the area were sick of the tribunal.

He said it had only served to make lawyers rich.

"What I can see from the tribunal is that many, many legal people became millionaires out of receipts that they received from the tribunal," he said.


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