Michael Colgan to make statement after sexual harrassment accusations

The former artistic director of the Gate Theatre is expected to make a public statement after being accused of harassment.

It is not known when the statement will be made. Earlier reports that it would happen today were incorrect.

Over the past 10 days, seven women have come forward to accuse Michael Colgan of inappropriate behaviour.

The theatre's board is appointing a professional HR advisor to deal with any more complaints of sexual harassment.

And the Government is being urged to set up an independent inquiry.

Padraig Murray, is the president of Irish Equity, the group representing actors in Ireland.

He said: "We are a very vulernable workforce.

"You are totally depending on your current job for your next job and the feeling is that you don't rock the boat because if you do you're not going to work again."

Junior Education Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor says she’s disgusted by media reports.

She said: "Obviously I'm disgusted, the message that I would give to women is to make sure that if they have experienced sexual harrassment in the work place, please report it immediately."


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