Mental health talk on International Men's day

Sport stars, poets and broadcasters are among those who will be talking about the importance of men looking after their emotional and mental health, as part of International Men's Day today.

Pieta House, a suicide and crisis self-harm centre, is hosting an event in Dublin later, where men will talk about how they have come through difficult times in their lives.

Rugby player Jack McGrath and Dublin footballer Paul Flynn will be speaking at tonight's free-of-charge event.

In Ireland, 80% of people who die by suicide are men.

CEO of Pieta House Brian Higgins, has said as a society, we need to be more open to men talking about their mental health: “I suppose we have a question around do we actually look after our own emotional wellbeing, do we look after our mental wellbeing, do we look after the stability factors that we need around us.

“And for us, that is why we are looking at International Men’s Day from that perspective of saying let’s look at what it means or what people think it means to be a man and explore it and see is that really what being a fully stable man is all about.”

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