Medicines Board reassures patients over stroke prevention drugs

The Irish Medicines Board is reassuring patients who take two leading blood-thinning tablets, following reports that 19 deaths have been linked to the drugs.

It follows reports in yesterday's Sunday Business Post that the number of deaths linked to Xarelton and Pradaxa is three times higher than Warfarin.

Yesterday's report in the Sunday Business Post about 19 deaths linked to stroke prevention drugs Xarelton and Pradaxa caused a storm among medical profession and members of the public.

However, the Irish Medicines Board says those reports cannot be taken as a conclusion that there is a higher mortality rate for the drugs.

It says that because Xarelton and Pradaxa are newer drugs, it requests reports on any negative reactions to them, including those which were expected or merely suspected.

The IMB says that is not the case with Warfarin which has been out for several decades and attracts fewer reports.

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