McGuinness: Sectarianism is no different to racism

The North's deputy first Minister, Martin McGuinness, has described sectarianism as being no different to racism or homophobia.

Martin McGuinness has appealed to civic society to make their voices heard now – he said no longer can voices be drowned out by rejectionists.

Mr McGuinness said the compromise in the Haass talks proposal is the way forward.

"We compromised because we believed there was an obligation on us to replace the hurt and division with healing and reconciliations," he said.

"We compromised because we need to challenge intolerance, inequality and exclusion.

"Sectarianism is no different to racism, sexism or homophobia – they are all wrong."

The party also accused the coalition of putting banks and bondholders before the Irish people.

The charge was made by finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty, who said the Government's only ambition is to have unemployment at 10.5% by the end of next year.

"Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil are the failed parties of yesterday," he said.

"They are the unquestioning ministers of join-the-dots economic policy, that puts banks and bondholders before families and the futures of Irish children.

"They are functionaries, not visionaries."

Doherty said only Sinn Féin has the vision to drive the economy forward.

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