McCabe family initiates damages case against HSE and Tusla regarding false sexual abuse allegations

The family of Maurice McCabe has begun proceedings in a case for damages against Tusla and the HSE.

Their solicitor confirmed that Sgt McCabe and his family filed legal documents in the High Court earlier this week citing malicious falsehood, breach of privacy and breach of constitutional rights as reasons for the case.

It is also understood that a number of injunctions will be sought by the McCabes.

Mr McCabe was subjected to a false accusation of a sexual abuse allegation in August 2013.

The garda whistleblower was then cleared of the accusation the following May when the allegations were deemed a clerical error.

Even though the sex abuse allegation was on file in 2013 and 2014, Sgt McCabe was not contacted about either its existence or the discovery that the allegation was completely false.

“How can I and my family be on the system [in Tusla] since 2013 and not be told about it,” he said.

“The first I knew about any of this was when I was contacted about that horrendous allegation last year,” he told the

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Apologies have been issued to the McCabe family by both Tusla and the HSE. The McCabes have rejected the HSE's apology.

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By Roisin Burke

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