Mattie McGrath tells FF and FG: 'Stop your posturing'

An Independent TD has today warned Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that he and his fellow Independent deputies could pull out of talks at any time.

Mattie McGrath's comments come as another round of negotiations between Independents and Fine Gael gets underway at Government Buildings today.

Fianna Fáil has also decided to hold round-table talks with Independents TDs next Monday and Tuesday.

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath said that realistically, the two big parties have to talk to each other, and soon.

"They have to get together, in the interests of the country, and stop their posturing because we're not going to be used as pawns in any game," he said.

"We could pull out at any time.

"We have gone and given a huge amount of time, and we're willing to give it until next Tuesday, Wednesday morning, but we have families and constituencies to look after as well, so we can't stay forever talking, because people are getting tired of it."

Fine Gael negotiator and Acting Minister Simon Coveney said that he expects to work through the weekend and that it will be Monday before a final document is put to Independents for agreement.

He said that only then will Fine Gael approach Fianna Fáil looking for support.

"We have no problem talking to Fianna Fáil," he said.

"But we would like to talk to them with something to say and something to propose, so that we can make a contribution towards putting some kind of stable Government together."


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