Martin McGuinness: Rise of the left the story of this election

By Juno McEnroe, political correspondent

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness says the left-wing parties must now consider their options about forming a Government and that the people of Ireland do not want a second election.

Speaking after this morning’s shock exit polls and tallies which spell doom for the outgoing coalition of Fine Gael and Labour, Mr McGuinness said the story of the election would be the rise of the Left.

He said that the election had been a good one for Sinn Féin, especially having to face competition from the established parties.

Mr McGuinness was asked about parties working with each other after the results are counted and pointed to how he had worked with Ian Paisley in the North.

He also said that lessons needed to be learned that the crisis in the North could not be used as “political weapon” against parties.

It was too early to say what options Sinn Féin were considering, he added.

But he also dismissed any suggestion the party was disappointed with its result, which nationally could be between 14% and 16%.

Important decisions and discussions would now take place, he said arriving at the RDS count centre in Dublin.

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