Martin and Kenny at odds over 'shredded' bank guarantee documents

A new war of words has broken out over the extent of the government's records from the night of the bank guarantee.

Enda Kenny insists that there are no significant records of meetings between ministers and senior bankers before the guarantee was issued.

"I would have expected that on the issue that was the most significant economic catastrophe that ever befell our country, that I would have access to whatever discussions that took place with banks or bank officials," he said.

But Micheál Martin said a Freedom of Information request has revealed over a hundred documents relating to the guarantee.

And he accused Enda Kenny of casting a slur on Brian Cowen's government by claiming documents had been "shredded".

"You said records had been disappeared," Martin replied.

"That's that you said - shredded, you used the phrase. That's a slur, Taoiseach, on the previous Taoiseach. There's no other way of putting it."

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