Marine Institute ROV conducts last dive in R116 search as Gardaí promise to continue operation

The Marine Institute's ROV submarine carried out its last dive off Blackrock island today, and has left Blacksod bay on board the Irish Lights vessel the Granuaile.

However, Gardaí say their Water Unit will conduct more dives on the crash site for Rescue 116 when weather allows.

Coast Guard and Civil Defence volunteers have also been requested to continue with targeted searches of coastal areas and monitoring of "specific areas of interest".

The search co-ordinators say they are still hopeful that missing crewmen Paul Ormsby and Ciaran Smith will be found.

Gerard O'Flynn from the Coastguard is reminding all vessels in the area to stay vigilant.

Mr O'Flynn said: "First of all we continue to ask all shipping, in the course of their ordinary activities, to continue to keep a sharp look-out.

"Civil Defence and Coast Guard volunteers will continue to conduct shoreline searches.

"Civil Defence will also use UAVs or drones, while Coast Guard helicopters, and indeed Air Corps in the course of their duties, will be overflying the area frequently."

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