Mandate urges Irish shops to remove produce from Israel

Mandate, the union that represents shop workers, has called on Irish retailers to stop stocking Israeli produce.

It has written to more than 20 companies including Dunnes, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Supervalu.

Mandate says shoppers are complaining to its members about Israeli produce being stocked, in light of the ongoing violence in Gaza.

The union says customers and staff are faced with a dilemma of conscience.

Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary of Mandate, said: "I think everybody to some degree has a level in their conscience where it can be pricked.

"Whereas people will shop regardless, having no thought whatsoever to some of the consequences of buying produce from these regions, I think there's an increasing base of people who are becoming more consumer conscious in respect of goods and where they are sourced."

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