Man who beat his wife on her birthday was anxious about son's safety, court hears

A jury in the trial of a Polish man accused of trying to kill his wife has heard that the man was worried about the safety of their young son.

The jury have also been shown the lump hammer used to beat her while she slept in their bed.

Andrzej Benko of Ladyswell Road, Mulhuddart in Dublin admits attacking Joanna Benko in July 2010 but denies her attempted murder.

Joanna Benko was covered in blood and having a violent, full-body seizure when Gardai burst into her home on the morning of July 5, 2010.

A short time beforehand, her husband called emergency services to tell them he had "probably killed her" by beating her with a lump hammer.

He did so after returning from the shop where he bought her flowers for her birthday.

He said today that he was concerned about their young son's safety after he found 100 ecstasy tablets that she was hiding in their home.

Today, the jury was shown a lump hammer and two claw hammers that were taken from the scene of the crime by forensic experts.

None of them had any fingerprints or palm prints but when shown to Andrzej Benko, he identified the lump hammer as the weapon used to beat his wife.

During Garda interviews, he said she spent all his money and he lost hope for life.

"I had enough" he said. "I was sick of her".

He told Gardaí that she used to hit him and her drug habit made his life "hell".

The trial will continue hearing evidence tomorrow.

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