Man stabbed to death in Dublin over row about broadband bill, court hears

A court has heard how a man accused of murdering his flatmate in Dublin told Gardaí they began fighting after he disconnected their broadband.

Kamal El Habsati was stabbed to death at an apartment he shared in Ballymun with Jacky Lumi in December 2012.

Kamal El Habsati was stabbed 21 times and found a few days after he was killed on December 1, 2012.

His former housemate and colleague Jacky Lumi is accused of his murder.

Last week, the court heard that the two men used to row at work about unpaid bills and how Jacky was not happy with Kamal's lack of cleanliness.

Today, the jury has been hearing Garda interviews carried out after the accused was arrested.

On the day of Kamal's death, he told detectives that he switched off his access to their home broadband and awaited an angry reaction.

When the victim refused to pay his bill, he said he threw him to the ground and somehow pushed a knife in his chest.

He said he saw the light go from his eyes and knew he was dead but insisted he had been stabbed first and was just trying to protect himself.

The trial will continue hearing evidence tomorrow morning.

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