Man jailed for cocaine-fuelled attack with hurley after he was called 'eejit' on Facebook

Evan Toomey. Photos: Facebook

A judge today jailed a 23-year-old Ennis man who armed with a hurley embarked on a cocaine-fuelled attack on another man that was sparked by an insult on Facebook.

At Ennis Circuit Court, Judge Gerald Keys jailed Evan Toomey of Oak Park, Watery Rd, Ennis for two years.

Judge Keys said that the attack by Mr Toomey on Daragh Moloney was “premeditated”.

Mr Toomey pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary on June 4 and in his sentence Judge Keys imposed a three year jail term, suspending the final year and backdated to the sentence to last June when Mr Toomey was brought into custody.

Judge Keys said that while there may have been a degree of provocation, there was no justification for Mr Toomey’s actions.

Judge Keys said: “I note that there was a previous assault by Mr Moloney on you with a hurley.”

In the incident, Mr Toomey arrived at the home of Daragh Moloney at Morrissey Avenue in Cloughleigh Ennis on June 4 last.

Mr Toomey came armed with an axe but dropped it during a scuffle with Mr Moloney who was armed with a hurley in the front hall of his home.

Mr Toomey picked up the hurley and Judge Keys said that Mr Moloney’s mother was in the house and picked up her nine-month-old grandson and fled to the garage.

Judge Keys said that the assault by Mr Toomey continued into the kitchen of the home where he continued to hit Mr Moloney across the head and body with the hurley.

Mr Toomey arrived at the home after Mr Moloney the previous day called Mr Toomey an ‘eejit' on Facebook which resulted in more exchanges on Facebook.

In the hurley attack, Mr Moloney suffered six stitches to his lip, a fracture to his right hand and swelling to the right side of his jaw.

Judge Keys said that the aggravating factors in the case were Mr Toomey coming to the house armed with an axe, hitting Mr Moloney with the hurley, having 75 previous convictions and being at a high risk of re-offending.

Judge Keys said that Mr Toomey had made an early plea, has expressed remorse, has made efforts to deal with his addiction and has done well in his time at prison doing various courses.

Mr Moloney opted not to make a victim impact statement.

In his interview with gardaí, Mr Toomey said: “I done the wrong thing going to his house. His mother was there - I regret it.”

In jail last month, Mr Toomey first saw his new born baby for the first time.



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