Man found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend at her home in Dublin

A man, who punched a barrister in open court last week, has been found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend at her home in Dublin.

Vesel Jahiri, who is originally from Kosovo, was surrounded by prison officers in riot gear and had to be removed after the verdict came in.

The jury came back with its verdict having deliberated for six hours and 43 minutes.

Vesel Jahiri was brought into the packed court room in handcuffs.

Two prisoner officers in riot gear sat either side of him in the dock, while two others stood by the door behind him.

Mr. Jahiri was wrestled to the ground last Friday as he tried to escape from the court room after punching the prosecuting barrister in the face.

He started shouting that he had “found the 999 call” when the jury came in today and had to be removed again when the guilty verdict was delivered.

He was found guilty of murdering Anna Finnegan, the mother of his two children, at her home in Clonsilla in Dublin on Sept 21 2012.

He was also convicted of stabbing her brother Karl.

When the 35-year-old was brought back in to court, he kept asking what he had been convicted of.

His sentence hearing will take place next month.


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