Man accused of murdering nanny told gardaí he was in 'white rage'

The man alleged to have murdered Laois nanny Aoife Phelan told gardaí he "lost it", punched her repeatedly in a "white rage" and dumped her body in a river.

25-year-old Robert Corbet of Sheffield Cross, Portlaoise denies murder but admits her manslaughter on a date in October or November 2012.

Mr Corbet told gardaí he collected Aoife Phelan from a friend's house on October 25 - the night she disappeared.

He said the minute she got into his jeep she began roaring at him for not seeing her and that she was pushy about them not being in a relationship.

He told detectives that he snapped and punched her in the face repeatedly after she threatened to make his life a living hell if he didn't lay claim to her pregnancy.

He said he felt frustration, anger, confusion and when he came round she was unconscious in the passenger seat.

He drove home and got two black sacks from his mother before dumping her body over a bridge on a river near Monasterevin - all the while thinking "I need to get rid of her".

He said he didn't look down but he heard the splash.

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