Make Way Day campaign shows how hard it is for disabled people to get around

Disability campaigners have been putting stickers on cars, bins and sandwich boards as part of Make Way Day.

The campaign is to educate the public on the obstacles faced by people with disabilities.

Gary Carney from the Disability Federation of Ireland explains what they are hoping to achieve.

He said: "It's for people to think about where they park, where they put this bins, cutting their hedges.

"And to try and understand that disabled people aren't as able to get around things as they are.

"What for them is a minor thing, is to us a major obstacle."

He explained how much room someone with a disability needs to get past an obstacle.

Mr Carney said: "Think of a wheelchair and add about a foot, because it could be a powerchair and they are bigger again. It could be a walker and the person could have bad balance, so you have to give them enough space.

"If you have trouble getting through it as a normal person, we have major issues with it already. So, it's about a wheelchair-width plus, so that there is a little bit of wriggle room, because you don't want people trying to squeeze through, because it's very hard.

"Try being on crutches for six weeks and see how you find getting off and on paths in the rain. Walk in our shoes or go round in our wheelchairs and you'll see it's a completely different world."

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