Majority want Government to go further with abortion legislation

A large majority of people support the Government going further than planned in its abortion legislation, according to a new opinion poll.

Three out of four respondents in tomorrow's Irish Times poll support the coalition's plan to legislate for limited abortions where the woman's life is at risk.

The IPSOS-MRBI poll for the Irish Times shows 75% support the Government's legislation on abortion - up four percentage points since the last survey in February.

Some 79% of Fine Gael voters and 78% of Labour voters back it, but so too do 74% of Fianna Fáil supporters - a higher proportion than its own parliamentary party.

The poll, taken on Monday and Tuesday of this week, shows Munster people showing the strongest support, followed by Dublin.

There is also significant support for the Government to go further with the legislation than is currently planned.

A total of 83% of respondents said they would support a woman being granted a termination where a foetus is not viable outside the womb.

Some 81% would also back an abortion in a case of rape or abuse, while 78% believe it should be granted where a woman's health as opposed to her life is at risk.

A majority also support abortion in the case of a woman threatening suicide, at 52%.

There is a margin of error of +/-3%.

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