Major concerns for homeless people as cold snap draws near

There are major concerns for the safety of homeless people sleeping rough in Dublin during the threatened cold snap.

Brian McLoughlin from Inner City Helping Homeless has called on the Government to implement an immediate emergency plan.

"We have huge concerns about the incoming threat from The Beast From The East weather, which is due to bring chaos to Dublin over the next eight days or so," he said.

"We are hoping that an emergency contingency plan has been put in place by the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and the Department of Housing,

"So we've reached out to them to them to find out exactly what plans are in place for the coming week."

Inner City Helping Homeless head of communications Brian McLoughlin stated today: "We have major concerns for the safety and well being of homeless people sleeping out around the city with the Beast from the East due to bring freezing cold temperatures and snow over the next week or so.

"This is due to be the worst cold weather spell since 2010 so we are calling on the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and Department of Housing to implement an immediate emergency plan to support anyone that is currently homeless.

"Extra beds are required as over the past week ICHH outreach volunteers have been assisting over 100 people per night.

"We are also requesting that emergency accommodation units are kept open during the day so people aren't expected to leave at 7am and walk the streets for the day in the crippling cold.

"With predictions that daytime temperatures won't rise above freezing this is due to be the coldest weather in the 5 years that Inner City Helping Homeless is in operation, therefore, we can't stress enough how crucial it is that a proper emergency plan is put into operation.

"We have reached out to both the DRHE and Department of Housing to request the immediate release of an emergency contingency plan."

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