Mairia Cahill tells Gerry Adams: Go away and hang your head in shame

Mairia Cahill says Gerry Adams needs to clarify if alleged sex abusers were moved out of the North's jurisdiction by the Republican movement.

She says the "dogs in the street" know that people were moved into the Republic and England from the North.

Ms Cahill says the Sinn Féin president should "hang his head in shame" for the way he has handled her case.

She made a direct appeal to Deputy Adams today.

"I think at this point, you just need to tell the truth, because of this, and you have rightly pointed out that you're a father and a grandfather, if this happened to one of your children, your son or any of your grandchildren, you would be absolutely beside yourself in turmoil," she said.

"And you know the effect it had on me and my family.

"And I think you need to go away and hang your head in shame and have a think about it.

"And those people who are protecting you by just blindly putting their faith in you as a leader also need to go away and give their heads a shake."

She said that she wants the Sinn Féin leader to condemn those involved.

“What I want him to do is admit that I was forced into a room to confront my abuser and I want him to condemn the three individuals who did that,” she said.

“And I want him to condemn the IRA people who thought that that was the right thing to do.”

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