Mairia Cahill: Someone else will come forward to prove SF cover-up

Mairia Cahill says she is convinced that other victims of abuse will come forward and discredit Sinn Fein's assertions that it didn't cover up sexual abuse.

Ms Cahill claims she had to face her alleged abuser in a republican-style court, and has made a series of allegations about how her case was dealt with by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, which he has denied.

Mairia says it will only take one person to match her claims, to give the lie to Sinn Fein's claims;

"Because of the sharp denial of Sinn Fein's cover-up of abuse, I think Sinn Féin have left themselves wide open - it only takes one more case, one more person, one more victim to come forward, or indeed someone within Sinn Féin," she said.

"All of the people on this island will remember those strong denials when that happens."

Earlier today, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, said there was a clear effort on the part of Sinn Féin to discredit Ms Cahill's story, and that such actions were "utterly despicable".

Responding to the Taoiseach's comments tonight, Adams said Kenny's remarks "are mischievous and clearly politically motivated."

"The blog was a sincere effort to deal directly with the issue of how allegations of abuse had been handled in the past by republicans.

"The Taoiseach should not try to score cheap political points about these sensitive and serious issues."

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