Luas strike ongoing in Dublin

A hugely disruptive strike by Luas drivers has gone ahead today - with no sign of a resolution in sight in the long running dispute over pay.

Striking drivers have brought the light rail system to a 48-hour standstill, as the city swells with visitors for the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Last week Luas drivers voted against a proposed pay deal of almost 19%, brokered after lengthy negotiations at the Workplace Relations Commission.

Four more stoppages are planned during the month of April.

The company that runs the Luas - Transdev- have said today's action will have serious consequences.

SIPTU's Divisional Organiser, Owen Reidy has said workers would prefer to be servicing the public: “People may not accept it but I think it is fair to say that the workers that are out on dispute today would much prefer to be driving their trams and servicing the public.

“This is a difficult dispute; it didn’t just happen in the last week.

“It has been bubbling for some time, however we are here, it is going ahead, it is unfortunate, it is quite a tragic situation in many ways that it has come to this.”

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