Lowest earners could get refundable tax credits of up to €1,000 euro a year

People who don't earn enough money to get the benefit of their income tax credits should be given a refund from the State.

That's if the government accepts plans from Fianna Fáil to allow income tax credits to be refunded if they're not claimed.

Fianna Fáil has unveiled proposals for income tax credits to be refundable.

Tax credits are deducted off every worker's PAYE bill, but some people aren't paid enough to get the full benefit.

The party says the scheme would cost €140 million euro - with payments of up to €1000 a year for people who badly need them.

Social protection spokesman Willie O'Dea says nearly 5% of the population would benefit from it.

The move could be offered in conjunction with other proposals to benefit the less well-off.

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