Lord Mayor confirms Pope's visit will cause some families to be moved out of emergency accommodation

Dublin's Lord Mayor has confirmed some homeless families will have to be moved out of their emergency accommodation during the Pope's visit.

The Pontiff is here for two days later this month, with over half a million people expected to attend the Phoenix Park closing mass.

Nial Ring hopes the number of homeless families displaced will be kept to a minimum, and that alternative housing can be found for them.

"I think some people will [be moved]," said Mr Ring.

"Remember there is 1,300 families in emergency accommodation. Some hotels will have to move people out temporarily.

"I believe it is a very small number. But, again hopefully it is at a very small number, it's at a minimum. And that the people will be accommodated in suitable accommodation for that particular night."

The Pope’s arrival in Dublin has been a source of anxiety for many homeless advocates as the influx of tourists and visitors could pack out many hotels that are usually used for emergency accommodation.

Yesterday, Father Peter McVerry says there does not appear to be any alternative arrangements for those who are homeless.

"I'm not aware of any plan, and if there is a plan it should have been put into operation last night for this particular family. I think we could simply be overwhelmed in two weeks' time when the Pope comes."

Sinn Féin Deputy Eoin O'Broin hit out at the Government yesterday, saying: As the holiday season reaches its peak and with the added pressure of the Pope’s visit to Ireland many hotels are withdrawing their rooms from emergency accommodation.

“It has become increasingly clear that Government has no actual strategy for tackling family homelessness."

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