Local man finds confidential patient dcouments on street near hospital in Drogheda

Two investigations are underway after confidential patient documents were found on a street in Drogheda.

The documents were discovered by a local man out walking near Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, which says it takes the matter "extremely seriously".

It says all 44 patients affected will be met individually and a letter of apology will also be issued outlining the steps being taken by the hospital.

Both the HSE and the Data Protection Commissioner are now investigating.

Local man 'Andrew' told LMFM he found the documents while out walking close to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital last Sunday.

He said: "Without reading it, I put it into my pocket and carried on walking until I went down by the river and I sat on one of the seats there.

"I picked a piece of paper out and to my shock and horror I saw people's personal information, ie who they attended, when they attended, who the doctor was, when they were discharged.

"I was just shocked."


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