Limerick to hold non alcoholic Paddy's Day events

Limerick is to go alcohol free for four hours on St Patrick's Day.

The city's Milk Market is to host an alcohol free feast of creativity, food and dance with a pop-up, family-friendly event as part of Limerick City of Culture 2014.

Sons of Micháel O'Súilleabháin, Owen and Moley, will curate and MC the new event called Paddy's Day Unlocked.

The musical brothers have enlisted the musical talents of the Irish Chamber Orchestra's Sing Out With Strings children's choir, Eve Vocal Group Bavad and their own mother Nóirín Ní Riain.

Aerial circus group Fidget Feet and African dancer RAS Mikey Courtney of the Irish World Academy and Third Space Dance Initiative are to transcend the venue with feats of physicality.

The event aims to provide a creative and inspiring cultural space in which alcohol is not the primary focus.

Paddy's Day Unlocked is being organised by Happenings, a group which runs instant pop-up, socially responsible events in parks and public spaces.

This is the first time Happenings will be in Limerick city, and the are being supported by Limerick City of Culture, Elemental Limerick and The University of Limerick.

“Paddy’s Day Unlocked is a fun, family-friendly experience that will be open after the parade for those who wish to stay in the city centre but don’t necessarily want to spend the day drinking alcohol or in a pub,” explained Happenings Founder, Peter O'Brien.

“It’s the first time its taking place and we’re delighted that the inaugural location is the Milk Market during Limerick City of Culture. It’s also the launch event for six Limerick City Of Culture pop-up Happenings events that will take place outdoors in the city throughout the summer months.”

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