Limerick City Council holds final meeting after 817 years

Limerick City Council held its final meeting this evening after 817 years, ahead of being merged with the County Council on June 1.

The merger of the two councils will follow the local elections, forming a single local authority for the Limerick region.

The final meeting of the County Council took place on April 23.

Limerick City's local government was established in 1197 – the time of Genghis Khan and the Holy Roman Empire – and was originally called Limerick Corporation. It received its charter from King John I of England (well known as the antagonist in the tales of Robin Hood).

The council took a brief hiatus between 1651 and 1656, after the city surrendered to the forces of Oliver Cromwell and a military governor was installed.

In a statement issued this evening, Councillor Kathleen Leddin, Mayor of Limerick, said the occasion was "tinged with some sadness".

"This modern thriving city we know today is testament to the vision and work of so many Councillors, Mayors and staff members that have gone before us," she said.

"The historic amalgamation … presents new opportunities for us all and I am very confident that it will prove to be a catalyst for positive change in this city for many years to come."

By Dave Molloy

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