Lidl to hold 'Autism Aware Quiet Evenings' in their stores

Lidl is to bring in 'Autism Aware Quiet Evenings' across its entire network of 194 stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

They will begin the initiative from April 2, World Autism Day, and expect to have held it in all their stores by the end of May.

Their shops will be set up to have a number of sensory changes which will classify each store as being autism aware every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm.

    The changes being implemented are:

  • Reduced lighting
  • No in-store announcements
  • No music
  • Priority queueing for customers dealing with autism as well as extra assistance upon request
  • Till scan sounds lowered
  • Autism assistance dogs always welcome

They will also produce an in-store map for children with autism to plan and organise their shopping trips in order to help them deal with an otherwise chaotic experience.

Deirdre Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Lidl Ireland, said: "Public spaces can be overwhelming for anyone with autism, we would like to support our customers who are struggling to manage tasks such as the weekly shop, by providing a calmer environment and the security of knowing that additional assistance us available if necessary."

The retailer trialled the initiative last year and got very positive feedback from customers.

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