Leo Varadkar will try to raise conversion therapy issue with Mike Pence

The Taoiseach says he may try to raise the issue of conversion therapy with US Vice-President Mike Pence.

The VP has denied he is in favour of the treatment to try and change someone's sexual orientation.

Leo Varadkar has made LGBT rights one of the issues he intends to raise as part of his St Patrick's Day trip to the US.

He would not say if he will discuss it with Donald Trump, but the Taoiseach wants to discuss it with the Vice President.

He said: "I am told that Vice President Pense is not a supporter of conversion therapy even though some people have alleged he is.

"I am going to meet him over breakfast on Friday morning so if I have the opportunity I will certainly be mentioning the wider issue of equal rights and freedoms for LGBT citizens."

- Digital Desk

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