Leo Varadkar says there should be a TV debate in battle for Fine Gael leadership

Leo Varadkar's defying party bosses and says there should be a TV debate between the candidates for Fine Gael leader.

The Social Protection Minister's comments will reignite a demand for a debate once the leadership contest gets underway.

While Fine Gael refused to comment on reports they were blocking such a debate, it is understood they told RTE it would not be facilitated.

But Leo Varadkar says this contest is not just a matter for Fine Gael.

"Yeah I'd be very happy to participate in a TV debate when the contest does come we're not just electing a Fine Gael leader, we're also electing potentially the new Taoiseach of the country.

"So it's not just an internal matter for Fine Gael.

"I would certainly like to allow the public and also members of Fine Gael who can't make it... to have the opportunity to see a debate," he said.


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