Legal secretary gives evidence in trial of judge accused of deception

The defence has begun calling evidence in the trial of a District Court Judge accused of deceiving an elderly man.

Former solicitor Heather Perrin (aged 60) of Lambay Court, Malahide, Dublin denies deceptively inducing pensioner Thomas Davis into leaving half his estate to her children on January 22, 2009.

The first defence witness was Pauline Ball, a legal secretary who worked for Heather Perrin in her solicitor's practice for eight years.

She told the jury that she was a witness to Thomas Davis's will and that she signed it in his and his wife Ada's presence at Ms Perrin's offices in Fairview on January 22, 2009.

In his evidence, the pensioner could not recall her being there.

Her testimony also appears to be at odds with Mr Davis in that she says the will which leaves half of his estate to Ms Perrin's children was read over to him prior to his signing it.

She said Heather Perrin remarked "aren't Tom and Ada very generous", to which she replied: "Lucky children".

The prosecution has raised questions about Ms Perrin being in control of a will in which her children stood to gain when the witnesses were her husband, who did not attend, and Ms Ball, a loyal member of staff.

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