Leaked files suggest Troika want public sector pay cuts

The European Commission headquarters.

A leaked European Commission report suggests the Troika wants public sector pay cuts to remain on the table.

It is also claimed that the hiring of health specialists from abroad at cheaper rates has been suggested as a means to address the chronic spend in the health sector.

The documents, obtained by the website thejournal.ie, appear to be a leaked version of a European Commission draft report on the last bailout review not due to be published for several weeks.

As the Coalition prepares to try and negotiate an extension of the Croke Park Agreement, the Troika wants pay cuts to be left on the table and wants allowances looked at again, as well as longer working hours.

Health is also singled out, and particularly the salaries paid to some medical professionals, which it says may warrant attention, and suggests the hiring of professionals at cheaper rates from other EU countries.

The documents also suggest the Department of Social Protection will hire private companies to identify possible jobs or training programmes for the long-term unemployed and that these companies would be paid on a 'pay-per-success' basis.

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