LC Irish Paper 2 published online- while students were in the exam: Probe underway

By Amy Ryan

The State Examinations Commission has launched an investigation into a breach of protocol following the publication of LC Irish Paper 2 in a Facebook group.

The paper was posted almost one hour into the exam, according to Cathal McDonagh, spokesperson for the State Examinations Commission.

The Facebook group is a closed group called 'Múinteoirí Gaeilge ag roinnt cabhrach, acmhainní agus smaoíntí'.

The State Examinations Commission was promptly notified of the breach of custody arrangments for the paper and the post has since been removed.

"The SEC is investigating the circumstances surrounding the issue as the release of examination papers before the end of examinations is in breach of SEC protocol for the custody of examination papers," said Mr McDonagh.

"As candidates are not allowed enter examination centres after the first 30 minutes of an examination, the SEC is satisfied that the release of the paper after the start of the examination has not compromised the integrity of the examination," he added.


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