Latest: Temperatures due to rise bringing an end to cold snap

Update 10.20am: Temperatures are due to rise later today bringing an end to the recent cold snap.

A low temperature weather warning was in place until 10am this morning which will be followed by a slight thaw.

Rain is forecast for this afternoon but it could still fall as sleet on higher ground.

Met Eireann's Vincent O'Shea has the latest.

He said: "There is some rain coming in, that is the expense we have to pay.

"It is going to give a thaw for a while, (the rain) is coming in from the West and will effect most places this afternoon, it may fall as sleet in Northern hills.

"Ice and light snow could still be a problem for a while."

Earlier: Weather warning still in place; schools reopen

There is another cold weather warning in place until 10am this morning.

Met Éireann says there will be lows of - 4C, freezing the weekend's snow again.

Schools that shut in the West and Midlands yesterday are expected to reopen.

But commuters are being reminded to leave extra time for their journeys.

Pedestrians are being urged to take extreme care.


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