Latest: SF would support independent inquiry into decision to prosecute Jobstown protesters

Update, 10.53am: Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said that he would support an independent inquiry or review of the decision to prosecute the Jobstown protesters.

It has emerged that the Director Of Public Prosecutions is due to drop charges against the 11 people due to face trial in two weeks’ time.

Gerry Adams said that it should never have gotten to this stage.

“First of all, I welcome very much that decision,” he said.

“I think the whole process was reprehensible.

“We stand with those who were on trial, we’re delighted that we may see an end to all of that charade.

“And yes, whether it’s an independent inquiry or review, certainly decision were taken which we would disagree profoundly with.”


Criminal charges have been dropped against the remaining five people due to stand trial over the Jobstown protest.

Earlier this year, six other protesters including the Solidarity TD Paul Murphy were acquitted of charges of false imprisonment.

The case related to an anti-water charges protest during which it was claimed the then Tánaiste Joan Burton and her assistant were trapped in their car.

The men's solicitor Michael Finucane says the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed its decision in a letter to him.

“The DPP has confirmed that a nolle prosequi is to entered on the next court date in respect of the charges facing my client.

“Essentially that means the prosecutions are being discontinued.”

A teenager was the only person to be convicted in relation to the protest.

He was found guilty of false imprisonment at the Children's Court.

Deputy Paul Murphy said that in his opinion, there are now real questions around that conviction.

Protesters calling for charges to be dropped.

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