Latest: Irish Water imposing water conservation restrictions as 23,000 people remain without water

Update - 5.48pm: There are 23,000 people still without water across Galway, Leitrim, Tipperary and Wexford this evening.

Around 40,000 remain on a restricted supply and a further 14,000 are on storm-related Boil Water Notices.

Irish Water is urging people to conserve water where possible and is imposing restrictions from 8pm to 6am in Dublin, parts of Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

Water interruption is expected to continue over a number of days as crews attempt to 'fix and find' leaks.

3.55pm: 12,000 people without water; 'task of finding leaks is challenging,' says Irish Water

Up to 12,000 people are still without water this afternoon while a further 40,000 are on water restrictions.

There are still extensive strains on the water network after Storm Emma.

Irish Water says finding leaks is unfortunately not a 'rapid process'.

Jerry Grant from Irish Water says 'find and fix' crews from the local authorities are fully deployed to restore supplies to communities across the country.

Mr Grant said: "One of the big constraints is finding the leaks which is quite a specialist task. Obviously where leaks have been reported above ground and which are visible can be addressed fairly quickly, but the task of finding leaks below ground on the network is challenging.

"It involves specialist equipment and people who are trained in the role, and we will over time identify a great many leaks and get them repaired, but there is a timeframe involved in that which is not rapid."

1.11pm: 20,500 people without water; Capuchin Day Centre say they are struggling

20,500 people are without water today, while 47,000 have restricted supplies after Storm Emma.

Irish Water says the restrictions are likely to continue for a couple of days, due to the increased demand last week.

Hospitals are being prioritised and will have water diverted to them, but other facilities have run dry.

Brother Sean Donoghue from the Capuchin Day Centre for homeless people says they are struggling today.

"The pressure came up a little bit and we got some water. We were able to manage the breakfast," he said.

"Our ovens wouldn't work because we were steaming things. Our dishwashers wouldn't work.

"We got water for a while but I think the amount we've used has caused the pressure to go down again. So we're actually without water. At the moment we'll have no tea or coffee or hot drinks."

Earlier: Water supply expected to return to parts of the country this morning; weeks or months before fully restored

Water supply is expected to return to parts of the country this morning - but it could be weeks or months before it is fully restored.

The restrictions, mainly affecting the greater Dublin area, are because of reservoir levels dropping and demand increasing after Storm Emma.

Customers are being asked to conserve water where possible.

Eamon Gallen from Irish Water says although people will start getting their supply back, the restrictions will not be lifted for a while.

"Over the course of the morning supplies will come back. We will probably have to introduce restrictions for a number weeks, if not months, to come.

"But we will try and minimise the impact on customers by doing them out of hours - at night where possible - and generally people will not be affected."

Elsewhere, Irish Water says it may be a number of days before a safe supply is restored to hundreds of homes in part of south Tipperary.

It is after a major spillage of Kerosene oil contaminated supplies to the Fethard public water supply.

Irish Water has issued a Do Not Drink notice, but the water can be used for washing.

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