Landlord's group defends decision-making process of tenants

The head of the group representing landlords has defended their decision making process when it comes to choosing tenants.

Landlords are being accused of still turning away those on rent supplements - despite new laws to prevent discrimination.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has published new information today to alert landlords and accommodation advertisers of the new legal protection for those in receipt of supports.

Fintan McNamara, director of the residential landlords association says we need to build a database with tenant information: “I’m just telling you, landlords can choose not to take tenants for a variety of reasons, not just on rent supplement.

“But going forward like they do in every other European country, there are going to have to be references, there is going to have to be a track record of payments of rent, bank statements etc.

“All this is going to be important, it is going to be the future, landlords who don’t do it, do so at their peril.”


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