Lack of job security key issue for ASTI ahead of annual conference

A lack of job security and lower pay for recently qualified teachers are among the key issues as some 500 secondary school teachers attend the annual ASTI conference in Kerry tomorrow.

The union is already planning to ballot next month on industrial action in response to a possible redundancy threat to members from September. A recent survey found two thirds of teachers questioned were working in part-time or temporary employment.

ASTI President Ed Byrne said his members are clear about what they need going forward.

“The only issue, I believe, that could shut schools this year would be if the department were to single out an ASTI member for redundancy, by refusing to give them access to the redeployment scheme that other teachers have.

“However we do remain in dispute with the department around pay. Obviously the pay of new entrants is probably the one that is biggest - the concept of equal work for equal pay.”

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