Lack of graduates entering construction 'threatening sector's recovery'

There is a warning from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland that a lack of graduates in the construction sector could threaten the housing recovery.

The society has published a new report which shows that, even with modest economic growth, more than 1,100 posts will be created.

However, the society is concerned those jobs may not be filled and that could restrict the industry's capacity to meet demand for new builds.

The SCSI's report says the property sector is experiencing a serious shortfall in graduate supply, with very low numbers of CAO applications in the past four years.

It says that even with modest economic growth of just 2% per year, almost 1,100 new jobs are expected to arise in the construction, estate agent, surveying industries between now and 2018.

If the economy recovers at a rate of 3% that number will rise to almost 2,500.

The SCSI says current levels of graduates will not meet that level of demand as more than half of those positions could not be filled.

It says that will have a knock-on effect on the property market's recovery, and the demand for new houses will be threatened by the lack of graduates applying for jobs in the industry.

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