'Lack of evidence' that FitzPatrick provided unlawful assistance for purchase of Anglo shares

The jury has heard former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick has been acquitted on six charges due to a lack of evidence.

The prosecution is now delivering its closing address in the trial of Mr FitzPatrick and former Anglo executives Willie McAteer and Pat Whelan, who deny providing unlawful financial assistance for the purchase of the bank's shares in July 2008.

None of the three former Anglo Irish Bank executives opted to take the stand to give evidence in their defence, so the trial is now in its closing stages.

Prosecution barrister Paul O'Higgins is giving his final address to the jury before the defence teams and the judge make their closing speeches.

So far he has highlighed what the prosecution claims are issues that are completely irrelevant to the innocence or guilt of the three former Anglo Irish Bank executives.

This includes whether or not other people should have been prosecuted, or whether the financial regulator approved of or encouraged or was comfortable with the lending to Sean Quinn's family and the so called Maple Ten for the purchase of Anglo shares.

Earlier Pat Whelan and Sean FitzPatrick were acquitted on certain charges by direction of the judge.

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