Labour TD: Taoiseach's place to make Magdalene apology

A Labour TD has said the Tánaiste will talk further with the Taoiseach on the party's views over the issuing of an apology to the Magdalene survivors.

Yesterday, Labour TDs and Senators said the treatment inflicted on the women was a historical wrong that had to be put right.

The statement followed a meeting which heard widespread criticism of the Government's handling of the issue.

Labour TD for Louth and Meath East Gerald Nash, said he understood the Tánaiste believed a full apology was necessary, but that it was the Taoiseach's place to make one on behalf of the State.

"The reality is that any apology, when it is forthcoming, will be given by the Taoiseach as the head of government and it will reflect the views of the entire government," he said.

"We felt it was incumbent on the members of the parliamentary Labour party yesterday to make this move to express our view that a full apology is required."

Meanwhile, Labour Party chief whipEmmett Stagg expressed his disappointment at the lack of a comprehensive apology from Enda Kenny to the Magdalene survivors.

Speaking to Kfm, Deputy Emmett Stagg said the State should both apologise to and compensate the women.

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