Labour pledges 'affordable' education plan 'in the context of a recovered economy'

Labour have launched their plan for education, promising to reduce class sizes to record lows.

They say they will reduce the average class sizes in primary school to just 20 students, while cutting the student-teacher ratio in secondary schools to 17 to 1.

Labour have promised to cut €500 off the student contribution for third level.

They have also committed to abolishing school transport charges and increasing capitation grants for schools who end voluntary contributions.

Five years ago the party promised not to increase student charges, but minister Jan O'Sullivan insists her new promise is affordable.

She said: "We know from all of the predictions what I am promising for next year is absolutely affordable in the context of a recovered economy now, a recovering economy as we move into the future.

"So the situation five years ago was a completely collapsed economy where the choices that had to be made were extremely difficult choices."

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