Labour party 'very attractive' says Maíria Cahill

Maíria Cahill has said her election to the Seanad is not a done deal.

The Labour party has nominated Ms Cahill to contest the Seanad by election for the seat vacated by Jimmy Harte, who has suffered serious health issues.

Ms Cahill has said she is happy to accept the nomination from Tánaiste Joan Burton and Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly.

The by election is due to take place next month.

As it is a Labour vacancy Fine Gael is expected to support her nomination.

Maíria, who waived her anonymity to campaign against sexual abuse, has said the party's stance on the 8th amendment and the marriage referendum are amongst the reasons she has decided to join Labour.

“The Labour party really have gone out of their way to be supportive in this last year. I note that they pushed for the marriage equality referendum and also their stance in relation to the 8th amendment is attractive to me," Ms Cahill said.

“I think as a young woman in Ireland today, most of their stance and policies and social democracy are very attractive.”

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