Labour not left enough? 'Absolute tripe' says Ged Nash

Outgoing Labour Minister of State Ged Nash, who lost his seat in Louth, described as "absolute tripe" suggestions that Labour had not been 'left' enough in this election campaign.

"(That's) absolute and utter tripe," he said. "We had a difficulty communicating our message - I accept that.

"We know of course the recovery hasn't reached everybody and there are some who are maybe over-egging that.

"Irish politics is going to be a greatly diminished place because of the diminished numbers the Labour Party will now have.

"But that will be short-lived. We will be back."

There are just 10 seats still to be filled in the 32nd Dáil, with 148 deputies elected over the weekend.

Fianna Gael and Fianna Fáil are the two biggest parties with 47 and 43 seats respectively. Focus is now on whether the two will join forces to form a 'grand coalition'.

Incoming Fianna Fáil TD for Cork North Central and the party's director of elections Billy Kelleher (pictured above) said it was highly unlikely his party will support a Fine Gael-led government.

He said he believed the party should fulfil the mandate it sought - to remove Fine Gael.

"Personally what I think should happen is Fianna Fáil should publish a programme for parliament, as opposed to a programme for government, and try to seek support for a Fianna Fáil government, maybe tying in Independents and smaller parties and see can it command a working majority.

"I think it is highly unlikely that we will support Fine Gael in government, and I think they will be the same. They have been rejected by the people."


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