Labour junior minister 'hoping' Shatter will waive lump sum entitlement

Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan

A Labour junior minister has said she hopes Alan Shatter waives his €70,000 severance pay packet.

It emerged yesterday that the former Justice Minister is still entitled to the money because the Public Expenditure Minister hadn't "commenced" the law removing the payment by the time of his resignation last month.

It is not known whether Alan Shatter plans to accept the entitlement, but a spokesperson for the Taoiseach last night said he expected his former Minister to reject it.

Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan today said she hopes Deputy Shatter will waive the lump sum.

"Nobody could foresee what was going to happen with regard to Alan Shatter," Minister O'Sullivan said.

"We all agreed that the severance arrangement would go. We felt it was wrong.

"I would hope that Minister Shatter… former minister Shatter… will waive his right to it."

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