'Kids in car' mum accepts hotel accommodation offer

A homeless mother-of-three who has been sleeping in a car with her children has said a private citizen has offered to put them up in a hotel.

Sabrina Mc Mahon from Tallaght claims she's been waiting for social housing for over two and half years.

She had been staying with friends and family until she was forced to move into her car.

After her story broke in the media yesterday, an individual said he would pay for her and her three children to stay in a Dublin hotel for up to four weeks.

Sabrina has a 5-year-old boy, Karl, and two girls, Michael, 3, and, Chelsea, 2. Sabrina had been living in Athy for nine years before returning to Dublin to be closer to her extended family after her council house was broken into.

She says no landlord will accept rent allowance, while homeless services in Dublin had referred her back to authorities in Kildare.

"We have been moving from house to house," she told the Irish Examiner.

"Nobody could put us up anymore. They just won’t have us. My partner walked out two years ago”

Sabrina said the offer of hotel accommodation is a temporary relief as she has feared for her family's safety.

"Basically they (the children) couldn't sleep because I was driving from one place to another just so nobody could see where I was parked," she said.

"I feared for my kids' life in the car so I was driving from one place to another.

"I had blankets, everything (in the car). Bottles made and all for the kids."

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