Kevin Myers apologises for column but insists not anti-semitic or misogynistic

Sacked Sunday Times columnist Kevin Myers has apologised to BBC presenters Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkleman but has insisted he is not an anti-semitic or a misogynist.

The well known and controversial journalist went on to suggest, however, that he deserved to be sacked for writing a hugely-controversial ’Sunday Times’ column and said he accepted that what he wrote in the article at the weekend should not have been written.

Breaking his silence this morning in a twenty minute face to face interview on RTE’s Today with Sean O’Rourke Mr Myers apologised for what he had written and took full responsibility.

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"I am the author of that article. I am the author of my own misfortunes".

"I have many flaws ... one of my flaws is to throw away, deal with major issues in throwaway lines... the thowaway line is often my pitfall, my downfall".

Myers went on to say that he was so unaware of what he was doing and that it was his own stupidity, writing the article.

"I just told you, I’ve got serious professional flaws. I’m not sure that anyone is going to see those professional flaws in future, because I’m not sure I have a career in which to show them".

When Sean O’Rourke asked Mr Myers if the Sunday Times were right to fire him he responded: "Yeah. I think so ... I made an error of judgement."

Mr Myers made clear throughout the interview that enough damage has been done, and enough misery has been caused that no one else should lose their livelihood over what was written.

"You can have a purge, a lot of people would love a purge. Nice big witchhunt, lots of victims, lots of lives ruined, lots of mortgages not being paid... I’m taking responsibility for what I wrote. I can’t do anything for anybody else."

Sean O’Rourke went on to angrily dismiss suggestion he was misogynistic.

"I am a critic of political feminism. I am not a misogynist".

Mr Myers went on to reveal that he hadn’t slept since the controversy began.

"Personally, I am in a very bad way, which is fine ... I’m not sure if there is any redemption for me now which will give a lot of people satisfaction..."

"It’s over for me professionally as far as I can see. I am really really sorry".

Listen to the full interview below ...  


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